Eagle River area- Our Mini Vacation


Summer is my favorite season of the year. The fresh air, the feeling of the sun hitting my skin, and all the activities make it the most memorable season for me. As a family of four, we try to plan little get-a-ways during the summer as much as we can. After all, Wisconsin winters are long and cold so I try to enjoy summer as much as I can!

This summer we took a mini vacation near Eagle River. Luckily, we have family that has a cottage right on a lake, with beautiful views of glistening water and majestic trees in the distance lining the shore across the lake. There’s nothing like sitting on the backyard swing and enjoying the peaceful scenery.

The first to-do for the kids is usually taking advantage of being right on the lake and going swimming! They love jumping off the dock onto the raft.


Another must is tubing!

One of the activities my husband and I enjoy is fishing. If you ever have a chance to visit this area and enjoy fishing I would highly recommend it. The Chain of Lakes has over 20 attached lakes with a variety of fish including crappies, bluegills, northern pike, bass, and muskies. We usually go fishing for the pan fish and my husband likes to try for northern as well.

One of the funniest memories I have fishing up there was when my husband was reeling in a bluegill and a musky hit it. He got so excited and started yelling for me to get the net. I grabbed the net and he had the musky right next to the boat. Now, mind you, this was a long time ago and I don’t think I had ever net a fish before. This is how it went ……..

”It’s right there, do you see it?”

“No, I don’t see it.” I replied.

“What do you mean you don’t see it, it’s right there!”

“I can’t see it! Where is it?!”

He’s pointing vigorously, “It’s right there!”

I’m still not sure I see it, but at this point he’s so worked up with excitement, I just decide I’ll try to net it and hope for the best. Guess how well that went? I knocked the fish off the line and it swam away. He’s standing in the boat with this blank look on his face and saying, “I can’t believe you didn’t see it.” The entire time I was wondering why he could see it and I couldn’t; I’m the one with the good eye sight! Turns out, he was wearing polarized sunglasses which allowed him to see into the water and he didn’t realize my sunglasses weren’t polarized. We still laugh about it to this day. Now every time we’re up there fishing, I wonder why I still haven’t bought a pair of polarized sunglasses. I should really do that.

On day three, we went into the Town of Eagle River to watch the July 4th parade. I have to say for a population of only approximately 1400 people, this is one of the best parades I’ve been to. The streets were jam packed with people.

It seems there’s a tradition of parade participants that ride in the fire trucks to spray people down with water guns. However, a number of groups in the crowd were ready this year. They would wait until the fire truck was close enough and run out into the street to spray them back. It was crown pleaser for sure!


If you go to Eagle River, be sure to make time for visiting the shops downtown. All you have to do is park, walk down the street, and go from shop to shop. There are clothes stores, gift shops, toy stores, and much more. We’ve done this two years in a year now and haven’t been disappointed.

On day four, we took a trip to the Wildwood Wildlife Park and Nature Center in Minocqua. It’s about 26 miles from Eagle River, and it’s a bit pricy for some folks, but it was one of the best zoos I’ve been too. It’s the only zoo I’ve been to where animals, such as goats, tortoises, and deer, roam free and you can walk right up to them and pet them. There is so much to see and do here, so if you have a chance, check it out!

After the zoo we took a ride over to Elmer’s Fun Park in Saint Germain. They have two go-kart tracks, bumper boats, a miniature golf course and bumper boats. We went on the go-karts and followed it up with ice cream at the convenient little ice cream shop next store. The park was in the process of putting in a batting cage, bungie trampolines and a rock climbing wall. Next time we visit, I’m sure the girls will want to check that out!

I’m sure we’ll be back to the Eagle River area in the future and when we do, I’ll be sure to update you with new places we visit!

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