The Newest Adventure- Our First Hunting Season (part 1)

The Newest Adventure- Our First Hunting Season (part 1)

My husband has been an avid deer hunter for years. When we met, he liked the fact I grew up with hunters in my family and I wasn’t against hunting. My grandfather, father, and uncles all hunted. I remember at one point my dad asked me if I would be interested in hunting. I was, however, by the time I reached the age when I could go through hunter’s safety classes, I was involved in a number of sports and really didn’t have the time for another hobby. So I never went.

My husband and I have had numerous conversations over the years about whether our children would hunt (we have two daughters). He’s asked me if I’d be interested in going. I knew this is something he absolutely loves and I enjoy spending time with him fishing, so I thought at some point I’d go sit with him and see if I’d have the patience for it. After all, you’re sitting in a stand, all day……waiting. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how peaceful it was. You’re sitting out there in the middle of nature, listening to the rustling leaves, and watching the wildlife scatter around gathering food. It’s quiet and peaceful and you start to wonder why you’ve never done this before.

This past spring, my daughter and I went through the hunter’s safety classes together. During the summer, my husband and I made some adjustments to my bow, sighted it in, and we target practice every chance we get. He has been shopping for us, buying us our own set of binoculars, a range finder, and a new scent lock suit (we most likely won’t be out hunting at the same time, so for now, we’re going to share). I have to say, it’s actually quite cute when he shops for us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man so happy to go “shopping”. I also have to say, I think it’s great that he wants to share this experience with his daughter. I mean, if we had a son I think I would kind of expect it; however, seeing the excitement in his eyes when he spends this time with his daughter, doing something he’s so passionate about, seems extra special.

As we get further into the season, I plan to share our experiences here. In the meantime, if you would like to share experiences you had your first time hunting I would love to hear them.

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