Tips for a successful hunt

I mentioned in another post my husband is an avid deer hunter. Over the years he’s learned a lot and put some good practices to use. Here are a few things my daughter and I have learned from him, as well as hunter’s safety, that we’ll be putting to use very soon during our first hunting season.

  1. Scent
    1. Deer are spooked easily and one thing that will spook them is an unfamiliar scent. Take a scent free shower before every hunting outing and wash your hunting clothes in scent free soap.
  2. Preparation
    1. Avoid disturbing the area during hunting season. If you can, set your stand up ahead of time and do any needed trimming well before the season starts.
  3. Safety harness
    1. Climbing up into a tree stand can be a little intimidating (at least it is for me; my daughter could probably be a professional tree climber if there was such a thing). It can also be dangerous; if I had a dollar for every story I’ve heard about people falling while climbing in or out of their stand! We will be wearing safety harnesses and I hope everyone out there hunting does the same!
  4. Practice, practice, practice
    1. The last thing I want is for my daughter or me to have a bad shot and injure an animal. In fact, if I did that, I’d probably feel so guilty I’d never want to hunt again. Well before the season we start target practicing. We have a nice area with a deck 20 feet up in the air with targets at 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards.
  5. Patience
    1. My husband hunts hard. He’s had people comment about his “luck” with deer hunting. It’s not luck when you consider all he puts into it. He will sit all day long, from dawn until dusk, for days on end. I used to wonder how he did it, until I sat with him last year and realized how amazingly peaceful it is. Patience comes easier if you’re in a peaceful place and a peaceful state of mind.
  6. Staying warm
    1. Along with #5, this is another one I was worried about. I get cold easily and if I’m cold I’m miserable. Be sure to dress for the weather and remember layers are your friend! It’s much better to take clothes off if you’re warm than it is to be unprepared and freeze your tail off!
  7. Share your plan with others
    1. Every time my husband goes hunting, I ask him where he’s going. He has numerous spots and he may hunt the same spot for a few days straight or he might switch it up. He always tells me which spot he’s going to and if I don’t know that particular spot he’ll tell me who does know. Always share your plan with someone so if you run into any trouble, they know where you are and when you plan to return.
  8. Survival kit
    1. Bring a kit with you that includes items you might need if you get lost. Of course, you hope that will never happen, but if it does, better to be safe than sorry. Include first aid items, tools for making a fire and shelter, water, food and spare clothes for warmth.
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