Smiling in Seattle

Smiling in Seattle

Growing up in a small town, one of my favorite things to do is visit big cities. One of my favorites so far is Seattle. Even though I didn’t have much time for site seeing, I planned ahead and decided where I wanted to go and was able to squeeze in some great touristy places.

We stayed right in downtown Seattle amid the hustle and bustle. The views from the hotel were like right out of a movie.

The city transportation available made it easy for us “small town folks” to get around. One of our first stops was Starbucks, because at that time I was obsessed with caramel macchiato’s, and since Starbuck’s was founded there, I felt it a necessary stop. Not far from the well-known coffee shop, was Pike’s Place. We didn’t buy any of the fresh salmon, halibut, or crab as we were staying at a hotel; however, the experience alone was worth it. The employees make it such a fun environment playfully yelling, singing, and throwing fish around.

The downtown area was full of stores for those of us that wanted to shop. I’m not sure about you, but I love shopping for unique outfits/gifts when I’m traveling. Many of the shops were within walking distance. I enjoyed walked around and taking in the sites.

or those that wanted to venture further, there’s plenty of taxies, as well as a bus system, the light rail, and monorail. We decided to head over to the Space Needle on the monorail. This in itself was a neat experience for a small town girl. If you have a chance to visit the Space Needle, take a ride up to the observation deck. There’s nothing like being 520′ up in the air, viewing the Seattle skyline and mountains in the distance.

Food, food and more food. I LOVE trying new food when I travel. Just a few of the menu items I tried while in Seattle included shrimp & seared ahi tuna sashimi, wild salmon, scallops, tiger prawn, jalapeno- corn polenta, buttermilk fried calamari and a pumpkin thai soup.

If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Seattle, I’d recommend checking out the Seattle city pass. It includes the Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, a Harbor cruise, as well as a couple more options you can choose.


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