Camo craze

Camo craze

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Not long ago, my daughter decided she’s going to try hunting. It’s one of her Dad’s biggest passions and she’s eager to give it a try. Along with hunting, came the camo craze. If she saw something camo, she had to have it. Everything from IPod cases, to clothes, to items for decorating her room.

We live a small town and have limited choices for clothes shopping. So occasionally we’ll take a ride to Cabela’s (it’s about a 45 minute trip for us). The first time we brought our daughters there, they were absolutely astonished at all the mounts, the size of the store, and the learning experiences that came along with it. They have rooms dedicated to our state’s trophy animal mounts, that give information on each mount (i.e., when and where it was harvested, size, etc.). It’s really a great experience.

When we can’t go out of town shopping, my daughter’s next favorite is shopping online. She often gets gifts cards from Amazon, and they have a huge assortment of camo clothing for women. To go with her camo wardrobe, she’s also been buying jewelry adorned with deer. I’m not going to lie, I think she looks adorable in camo, and even though my husband “gives her a look” when she borrows his camo shirts, I know he loves it.

I’ve already begun looking for some Christmas gift ideas. Here’s a list of some of my favorites so far that are under $100 and have good ratings:

Check back here for future posts with reviews on our camo craze shopping experiences!

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