7 Best Sellers for Traveling

7 Best Sellers for Traveling

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I have done my fair share of traveling, while in college and for work. Until you do it regularly, you realize there are a lot of “little things” that can be so easily forgotten. Things come up you don’t expect and there you are, thousands of miles away, without an item you wish you had. I started to wonder what the best sellers were for travelers, so I did some research, and wala! Here is a list I’d like to share with you of 7 best sellers for traveling.

Shoe bags:

One thing I wish I had when I traveled was something to store my shoes in. I used to wipe them off the best I could and shove them in my suit case. Unfortunately, a few times, they weren’t as clean as I thought and they’d rub off on my clean clothes. Using a travel shoe bag is a great way to avoid this. Click here and check out this great deal on a set of four waterproof nylon bags.

Travel pillows:

If you’re a passenger in a car or traveling by plane, it’s not always easy to stay comfortable. I used to fly a lot for work and one of the first things I bought was a travel pillow. Check out this lightweight best seller that’s half the size of traditional travel pillows. If you’d rather opt for the more traditional neck pillow, here’s another option that comes in a kit and includes a cover, sleep mask, and earplugs.

Travel cases:

Travel cases are a great way to stay organized. This electronic travel case is a great way to keep your electronics, memory cards, portable chargers, and other electronic accessories safe and organized. Another travel case I wish I would have had while traveling was one for organizing my makeup. I usually just shoved it in a Ziploc bag. This make up bag on the best seller list is not only water proof, but it’s also adjustable so you can move the compartments around to make it work for your products. If you fly a lot I’m sure you’re familiar with the 3-1-1 rules. If you already have your travel size (3.4 oz.) items, but just need a TSA approved clear bag to carry them in, here is one that’s waterproof and more durable than a Ziploc bag.

Travel size containers:

Who travels without bringing shampoo, conditioner, and lotion? Not this girl! These cute silicone travel bottles make it easy to bring your own personal shampoos and lotions with you. I’m not sure about you, but I have had the misfortune in the past of going to a hotel that guaranteed they provided these products, only to find out when I got there, the room wasn’t stocked up. Not only that, but some of those hotel shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions leave a lot to be desired.

Hand sanitizer:

Another necessity for me was hand sanitizer. We’re constantly touching railings, door knobs, and everything under the sun that’s contaminated with germs. Don’t forget to pack hand sanitizer to keep the germs at bay when you can’t easily make it to a restroom to wash your hands. These hand sanitizing wipes are a best seller and a great alternative to messy sanitizer bottles.

Pet supplies:

If you enjoy road tripping and have pets like I do, you know the more space you can save the better. Here is a collapsible dog bowl that is eco-friendly and FDA approved. To be quite honest, I had never seen these until looking at the best seller list, and I can’t wait to order a couple before our next trip. I’ll post a review when I’ve had a chance to try them out!

Sewing kits:

Have you ever been traveling and been caught without a sewing kit? I have, and let me tell you it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I had a big meeting and as I was getting ready in my hotel room that morning, when a button on my shirt popped off. Of course, it wasn’t the bottom button, or the top button, it was a button right on my chest! NOOOOO! At that point, I thought I had two options, wear a shirt that wasn’t clean (this was my last clean one), or pin it (a missing button right on your chest with a pin, even on the inside is pretty obvious). Luckily, my coworker had a handy dandy little sewing kit with her. Sure enough, they are on the best seller list too and I’m not surprised! They are not expensive, so if you don’t want get stuck without one, click here.

Have you ever been gone on a trip and been stuck without an item you wish you had? Let us know in the comments!


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